Power of Attorney Forms

SAEGUSA & PARTNERS (formerly Saegusa International Patent Office) has been incorporated as a patent profession corporation as of April 1, 2008. New Power of Attorney forms are now available.

Present practice no longer requires the submission of a power of attorney. However, we recommend that you send us an executed power of attorney for filing because it is required when filing an appeal, filing an opposition or an invalidation trial demand against an application, withdrawing or abandoning an application, and in some other cases.

You can use either of the following power of attorney forms: (PDF)

1. General Power of Attorney Form, or
2. Individual Power of Attorney Form

It is advisable to file a general power of attorney, because once it is filed with the JPO, the applicant is not required to file a separate power of attorney each time he/she files a subsequent patent application in Japan through our firm. However, if the applicant prefers, he/she may file an individual power of attorney for each application.


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