Saegusa’s well-organized team of professionals provides a wide range of services, which include: filing and prosecuting applications for patents, utility models, designs, trademarks and service marks, and the renewal of registered trademarks and service marks; filing and prosecuting international patent applications; filing Oppositions and Replies to Oppositions; Requests for Arbitration Decisions before the Commissioner; Demands for Trial, such as Trials against a Decision of Refusal, Trials for Invalidation, and Trials for Correction; Requests for official opinions on the technical scope of patents or utility models, and the scope of designs or effects of trademark rights; Demands for Retrial; representation for Requests for Arbitration Decisions before the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; representation for Requests for Reconsideration under the Administrative Appeal Act; preparation of expert opinions; representation for Appeals before the Intellectual Property High Court against trial decisions, and opposition to decisions rendered by the Japan Patent Office; making statements upon appearance before a court, in connection with a patent, utility model, design, or trademark, with a party or an attorney-at-law; consultation, surveys, maintenance and management of industrial property rights; recording changes in title due to assignments, mergers, and successions; recording of licenses, changes in name or address, etc.; and handling foreign applications on behalf of Japanese clients and Japanese applications on behalf of foreign clients. Saegusa is fully equipped with the most up-to-date facilities, and provides efficient responses to our clients’ needs. In addition, with video (Polycom) and telephonic conference systems installed in both our Osaka and Tokyo Offices, Saegusa is able to conduct secure conferences and meetings, whether in Japan or abroad.

Our Clients
Since 1946, SAEGUSA has represented a broad range of clients, from major companies, universities, and research institutions, to small entities and individual inventors from a wide variety of countries. To meet the broad-ranging demands of clients large and small throughout the world, SAEGUSA is dedicated to providing quality service, and continues to grow by adding highly qualified individuals to its loyal staff. We also actively and continually conduct in-house training for our staff to maintain a high level of professional service, and we provide our clients with lectures and seminars on intellectual property matters.